Land use planning services for urban and rural development

Cuesta Planning Consultants Inc. helps its clients navigate through this sometimes difficult process with our well-honed skills set, acquired knowledge and practical expertise. Our core services include the following:

Development Approvals

Aggregate Approvals

Municipal Planning

Expert Testimony & Mediation

Mapping and Site Plan design

The following excerpt from the Introduction to the “Citizens’ Guides to Land-use Planning” prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing of Ontario, sums up the essence of land use planning in Ontario quite nicely.

“Land use planning affects almost every aspect of life in Ontario. It helps decide where in our communities homes and factories should be built; where parks and schools should be located; and where roads, sewers and other essential services should be provided.

Land use planning means managing our land and resources. It helps each community to set goals about how it will grow and develop and to work out ways of reaching those goals while keeping important social, economic and environmental concerns in mind. It balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community.

Good planning leads to orderly growth and the efficient provision of services. It touches all of us and helps us to have the kind of community we want. But often we don’t see how it affects our lives and property each day. And it often seems confusing. “